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These are the moments..

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As crazy as this journey has been, and trying to myself and my husband – physically, mentally, emotionally..I don’t know if I would trade a minute of it for anything. As crazy as that sounds, there are moments like the one I am going to share from this morning that almost makes me wonder if we’re here on this journey together for a reason. I sometimes think that maybe he’s here to teach me to slow down, to enjoy life, to love a little harder and breathe a little more. You can’t tell me these amazing creatures were put here just because..I know he has a deep calling with that look in his eyes. So anyway, here we go. In the morning Bentley usually makes me drag him out of bed to go eat and potty. He’s pretty much always been like this, except for the couple weeks he was on steroids and then he’d run me over to get to food haha. But this am he came down and went right outside, and usually he’ll just pee and then want back in. Today, he went out and wandered around with his sisters a minute so I went back in to fix their breakfast.  All of a sudden I hear barking (thought he was telling me to let him in), so I go look – and he’s sitting up on the hill in the trees just sniffing and frolicking. So I said, “you’re a silly boy, are you having fun out there?” Turned back around and went back inside to finish breakfast and clean up. 3 seconds later barks again, same routine, 3 times we do this and I’m sure at this point my neighbors are annoyed. So finally I go outside and see if there’s something up there he’s seeing or something bothering him..I sit down next to him, he looks at me, licks me from chin to forehead with a big goofy grin..and then continues to look around and watch the birds. We sat like this for 15 minutes, side by side, my arm around him.  This was him, and the world, telling me that dishes weren’t important – but this moment here with him – will never get back. God he is so right!! From a control freak, OCD, Anal, schedule and routine obsessed is so often impossible for me to ‘live in the moment’. But boy is this cancer monster ever a reason to do so..and he is showing me everyday what truly matters in life. It’s moment’s like these that make me wonder if we’re on this crazy caner ride for a greater purpose, and if in fact he was sent to me for something more than belly rubs and a shoulder to cry on. <3


Love and kisses to all!

Kate and Bentley


Handsome boy enjoy his backyard on this beautiful Friday morning!

Handsome boy enjoy his backyard on this beautiful Friday morning!

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5 Responses to “These are the moments..”

  1.   Michelle Says:

    All you can do is enjoy him. Be more dog and learn from him. I understand the OCD stuff but sometimes moments like that are the best when you can just enjoy them. Live in that moment forever. Hug him for me.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy (the other Rottie)

  2.   Linda Morrice Says:

    How blessed Bentley and you are to have each other in your lives.

    Bentley is teaching you – Carpe Diem – dishes will wait 🙂


    Linda and Tucker

  3.   maximutt Says:

    Wow, I was having kind of a crummy morning until I read this post. Our pets really do help us to see what is important in life. Speaking for myself only, I think my dogs are WAY smarter than me! Please thank Bentley for making my day. I’m going to keep this story with me for quite some time, and pull it out whenever I start to lose it. I, like you, am also schedule & routine obsessed and OCD!
    I read your previous post about the mystery x-ray. I don’t have any advice, as we never went through anything close to what you’re experiencing with Bentley. But I want you to know we think about Bentley often, and are sending him positive thoughts. In fact, I’d say it’s safe to say the entire Tripawds Nation is doing the same! Hang in there Bentley! You are a strong, brave Tripawd Warrior!!!!

  4.   benny55 Says:

    “And when the student is ready, the teacher appears” Congratulations Professor Bentley, it appears your student is passing your class with highest score possible!,


    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story and magnificent picture of your Wise Zen Master Bentley. And Bentley has
    many, manY more moments like this to share so pay attention!

    I’very forgotten what book it was in…something about the study of animals and there emotions, there ability to enjoy the beauty of nature…..anyway, the “researcher” studied this one bear and documented how the bear went to a hillside every evening and watched the sunset. Yep, animals enjoy just being one with nature just like we do!

    Sending love and hugs!

    Sally and Happy Hannay

  5.   Liliana Says:

    What a wonderful experience you have shared. We have a lot to learn from out 4-legged best friends.


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